What Role do Pets Play in a Family?

Apart from the duties assigned to pets, they have many other roles in a family. Pets have become the lifesavers of many people. The interaction of pets and humans are always cute and attractive. The animal lovers always keep pets in their home. They treat the pets same as a family member by giving food, clothing and shelter. Proper health care is also given to the pets in order to prevent any kind of unexpected diseases. In some cases, if proper training is given to the pets they can be used to predict and detect seizures. It is interesting fact that pets are used for the recovery of patients by the application of different therapies.

The main advantage of pets in the family is the companionship. The togetherness that an individual get from the pets can positively affect his or her mental health. The physical health of a person can also be maintained to an extent by the interaction with pets. They are subject to the maintenance of pets which includes regular walks which is an alternative for exercise or depression free due to the time spent for pets and their care.

Studies prove that the stressful situations can be easily handled by the companionship of an animal. The health of heart can be easily maintained by avoiding unnecessary stress and pressure. The anxiety in children can be reduced to a greater extent by the companionship of animals. It is also to be noted that children are protected from many dangers especially the attack of other animals if a pet is accompanied with them. The isolated feelings or loneliness a person face is a big threat to his well being. In fact the companionship of a pet can help him to improve the social support and the feeling of belongingness. The old age people surveys show that the retirement life becomes energetic with the companionship of a pet.

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