The Art of Living Room Wall Decor

Aside from your sofa, ottoman and selection of tables, living room wall decor is one of the most crucial parts of your sitting room’s interior design scheme. Paint or wallpaper are only but the beginning of decorative applications. Below, we’ve compiled our top living room wall decor ideas to bring out the exhibitionist in you.Once you’ve decided which style of lounge wall art you want to introduce, step back for a moment, and consider the scale of your room and how many of your living room wall decor ideas your room can take.

Framed prints for the living room are a case of choosing whether to have a frame or not – canvases are often left without. If you do decide to use a frame, there’s a world of options, from thick to thin, from metal to wood, from painted to gold leaf. To help you decide, try to pick up on one of the materials or finishes you’re already using in the room.

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