Styling Ideas for Glass Decor

Smartening up your home with true interior designer style is as simple as introducing a few coloured glass decor pieces into your space. Coloured glass vases are beautiful on their own but, thanks to their immense colour range, individual shapes and unique textures, it would be a crime not to take advantage by playing with different combinations.Mix an accent colour in with some neutrals for an interior-designer-approved look, consider marrying taller designs with shorter ones and combining mottled textures with striped or ribbed designs.

Coloured glass vases really come alive when light is added to the mix so treating them as decorative lanterns is an easy way to maximise their decorative lighting potential. Think about placing large pots with candles around an indoor pool area, along the perimeter of an outdoor patio or in a bathroom. The results will be two-fold – decoration at all times of the day and atmospheric lighting at night.

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