Major Steps of Construction of House

To build a house is not an easy process and is done through many steps. The practices of building a house is standardized generally. But it can be varied according to the availability of raw materials and cost of construction. The construction work of a house is commonly done by the subcontractors. The different activities are engaged by different subcontractors. Specialization in each area makes the work more secure since further complications can be avoided. Stronger the construction, longer the survival of building, the whole activities of the subcontractors are supervised by a main contractor. However, the common steps of construction of a house are given below:

Site preparation:

The first crew of the house construction is of the preparation of site. The house is commonly built in the basement. To build the basement the first step is to clear the site free from trees, rocks or any kind of construction or industrial waste in the ground. Trenches are created to pour concrete in it. This makes the basement strong. A strong foundation only can build a strong house. So, almost four weeks are needed for the concrete to cure itself fully.

The relationship between design and construction should be maintained correspondently. The construction is the implementation of the design created by engineers or architects. The customization of construction process increases the flexibility. However, the conditions of site in which construction is made matters lot.

The steps of construction should be planned according to the social, natural and location related circumstances of site. It is also to be noted that the design and the construction work should not be rigid so that there cannot be any changes made in case of fluctuations in the market forces. As the project progresses, the necessity of flexibility or changes which seems better can be applied after proper study and suggestions from experts.

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