Influence of Internet in the Educational Development

The competition among students to achieve the first position in academics is very high in the present scenario. There are many resources which students depend to seek information about various subjects. Internet is the most common source of information used by the students of this generation. The availability of equipments to access internet for academic purposes has made the use of internet increased. The teachers also depend on internet to collect information about various subjects. The versatility of internet services makes it more favorable. The libraries from anywhere in the world is the main advantage of internet to student group.

The critical thinking capability of children is developed by the use of internet since different aspects of a topic is available in internet. This helps the children to develop the decision making process also. The next attraction of internet service to students is that it makes them information managers. They will become able to differentiate the necessary information from the unnecessary. The technology is getting developed day by day which is in need of more human resource to flourish the competency. The creative thinking of students is also enhanced by internet use.

Biggest advantage of internet over the schools is that it lessens the burden of teachers. If all the children are equipped to access the information needed for them to brighten themselves in the studies, then the teacher’s role decreases. The virtual learning applications like Byjus app makes the children self-reliant. This is not possible in the conventional method of teaching.

New learning skills are developed in such a way that students can change the schools into technological coaching centers. But it is very important that the disadvantages of internet should not affect students which are powerful enough to deviate them from the responsibilities. It is very dangerous and proper care and precautions should be taken by parents and teachers to avoid it.

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