Cushion Arrangement & Style Ideas To Know

Not only are cushions functional essentials, they’re also your sofa’s seasonal outfit changes – a way to dress up, dress down or style any sofa just as you’d like it. A cushion arrangement for minimalists, two individual cushions makes for a simple, chic aesthetic.Place matching cushions side by side in the center of the sofa with a proportional gap between them. Channel a sophisticated, cohesive look with matching or similar fabrics or draw attention to special cushions with a contrasting fabric.

For a tailored look, think mirror image. Place the largest cushion at the back, angled in the crook of the sofa between the arm and the backrest, then place the medium in front of it (slightly offset away from the arm) and the smallest in front of that (again slightly offset towards the arm). Replicate the look in the opposite corner with the same cushions. Have the corresponding cushions match and the look will be neat and composed.

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