Buying Motive of Consumers at the Time of Shopping

People buy products and services to satisfy their desire or needs. The interest generated in them lead to the decision of buying. This kind of urge in a consumer to buy a product can be called as buying motive. Every consumer purchases a product as the result of buying motive. The thoughts, instincts, feelings and emotions of a consumer can be fuel to the purchase. Motive is not an automatic stimulus instead formed only because of reasons. The rational thinking of a consumer can only lead him to purchase a product. For instance, hunger is an instinct whereas buying a pizza is a motive.

There are many factors influencing a consumer to purchase a product. It includes physical attraction like packing or the psychological interest like social prestige or for security. However the buying motive to purchase a product can be divided into two. They are emotional motive and rational motive. The consumer buy a product without the application of logic or sufficient reasons but only based on the feelings or emotions it can be termed as emotional motive. It includes pride or prestige, emulation or imitation, affection, comfort, sex appeal, ambition, individuality, recreation or pleasure, hunger or thirst and habit. The consumer may not prefer the purchase for any kind of reasonable matters.

On the contrary, rational motive is the urge of a consumer to buy a product with the application of logic and due care. The decision making process of buying a product is carefully analyzed and consciously taken. It includes the safety or security needs like safety lockers, vitamin tablets, medicines etc… The financial stability of the consumer is a big concern here. The products which are comparatively of low price or having multiple utility are chosen because of rational motives. The durability or convenience is also included in this type of purchase.

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